Every individual adopt his own strategy to increase his / her business. Some of them took help from Media like Television, Radio and Newspapers while some of them invest their money on different size of pamphlets and banners. Though they are all good marketing strategies but are very much costly. Yes, these strategies cannot be adopted by a middle level man because it needs a lot of money.

Today, I am going to introduce some internet marketing strategies with you all which are very much famous and most of them are almost free. So lets start. 🙂

Marketing Through Email

Email is an effective way for communication these days. Almost 95% of the organizations and businesses use Email as primary way of communication.  99.99% of the internet users have their Email Accounts. It will be a very good idea if you convey your message to your customers or people you are targeting through Email. For this purpose, you can get the help of some Email sending software having list of millions of active Email users.

Create Your Facebook Page

Today, almost 71% of people are using Facebook including students, workers, business mans and even politicians. So creating a Facebook page is a good idea for promoting your business. You will have to work hard to get some likes on your Facebook page in the start but once it became popular, then you will definitely have a very good business. I suggest you to read my post “How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page for Free“.

Create Your Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook Group is another good idea in Internet Marketing or you can say Online Marketing. In Facebook group it is much easy to add people as compared to a Facebook Business Page because in Facebook Group you can add all of your friends yourself but on contrary in Facebook Business Page, you can just invite your friends to like your page. Facebook Group has been created by almost 90% of Facebook business mans are using this method of Internet Marketing for promoting their business and are getting very good results.

Create Google Plus Page

A huge percentage of users today are using Gmail Account for Email Services. It is the largest and the best Email Platform having many good services. If you are also a Gmail Account holder then your social network page on Google Plus will automatically be created by Google. Just Login to your Gmail account and type in a new tab, you will automatically be redirected to your Google Plus page.

Google Plus is the most popular and the best ever tool for internet marketing because it has highly ranked SEO. Google Plus posts will always show on the first page for most of our search results.

Create YouTube Videos

Creating Videos regarding your business and share them on YouTube will also give you good results. This Internet Marketing technique is also used by a number of people and are getting good results. Youtube currently leading all the Video Sharing Sites with more than 800 Million Monthly Visitors. Hence it can be an effective venue for an individual or a company to increase the market their business online.

Joining Forums

Another good method of Internet Marketing is to join some Good International Standard Forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum which have millions of members. In such high forums it will be a great chance for you to increase your business in a quick period of time.

The above mentioned things are some free tools that can help you in increasing your business through internet marketing, however, you can also use some paid channels for internet marketing like “Google Adwords”, “Creating a Website” and many more.

For any question, you should feel free to ask.